Thursday, 22 September 2011

Louise Gray - I LOVE YOU!

I had nothing to do with London Fashion Week this season, instead rather enjoyed some time off to myself, read a book, did a spot of sewing, and pottered about at the V and A. So I thought tonight I'd sit down and have a butchers at the presentations of some of my fave designers, now the initial fuss has died down. I was particularly interested in the mens shows from Wednesday. "Maybe I'll do a short blog on I fave outfits" I thought...
But then I stumbled onto Louise Gray's womenswear from next summer and it frankly shat on all the others!! LOUISE GRAY - I LOVE YOU!!! Here's my section...

Loving the colours, I'd happily wear all these things - mixing it up over shirts and tapered trousers! HOT!!

Also I am gonna include a couple from Christopher Shannon, cos I'm a fan. I love good shirts, bomber jackets and a tassel!!

Let's Wrestle video

Film artist and director Margarita Louca called me to get involved with a music video for London lo-fi rock trio Let's Wrestle. Based around the central idea of a surreal dream/freak out seen through the eyes of lead singer Wednesday. I loaned my padded Mayan mask and created a couple of new hood masks for the shoot. Great band, great lyrics, fun shoot, fun video. Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

More Fujimori.....

I've blogged previously about my love of Japanese Fujimori tableware from the 80s. Well, more arrived yesterday. Which happily coincided with my BIRTHDAY! hooray!

They're settling in very well with rest of my collection now. Welcome to your new home guys!

New Club Kids Book

Last April saw the launch of New Club Kids:London Party Fashion in the Noughties by Oggy Yordanov.

An amazing collections of photograph of London's most outrageously dressed clubber spanning the last decade. I was really exicted to find not only page after page of friends in there, but also my own efforts featured!!!

Oggy at the launch party for his book.

Amongst the many press articles about the book, I found my splashed acoss The Sunday Times with two snaps from the wonderful book!

So if fashion, nightlife and fun is your bag go buy this tome now!!! GO ON GET IT ON AMAZON!!!

Nightclub Memory Lane

Spent part of today "tidying up" my laptop and deleteing old files and pictures. Thought I'd up load some pictures of past evening looks. Its a trip down nightclub memory lane!!

And remember all outfits are made by Random Bangle (oh except the silk pjs in pic 2!!)