Monday, 18 April 2011

Psychoville Series 2

My favourite new TV show from last year, Psychoville, returns for a brand new series, May 5th I believe. HOORAH!!! I'll totes be tuning in, despite already having had a sneaky peak! The BBC have yet to realise the press images. I've been trying to find a shot of "The Silent Screamer", a surreal menace who I'm mad for.....for now let's make do with a pic of Freddie Fruitcake having his din-dins......right I'm off to finish me knitting!!!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The Thundercats reboot is almost upon us....

Where is Mumm-ra in the trailer?? Will they keep the original theme tune? Will it ruin the childhood memories?

Any excuse to buy new toys....

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Random Bangle in Fiasco magazine

Some of my accessories looking super in the 'Action Needs An Audience' Menswear shoot from the current 'Playfully Decadent' issue of Fiasco Magazine. All the jewellery, except the rope! Love it, espesh the last two pics! Also the leggings in the top right shot are by my current faves Agi&Sam.

See the mag online at

Beautifully shot by Euan Danks and styled to the max by Siouxsie

Fujimori for Kato Kogei

'Humoresque' plate set

'Carnival' teapot
Selection of mugs
'Alpha 3' plate
'Alpha 3' mug

Images of Fujimori for Kato Kogei Ceramics.

I fell in love with these cermics a while ago after roaming around the internet looking for images of Memphis influenced homewares and fabrics. I could find very little about these, here's all I have gleaned from sellers and other enthusiasts.....

Fujimori was born in Japan in 1935, graduated college in 1956, where he majored in oil painting and design. Aged just 19 he won the National Art Award, later followed by a string of awards throughout the late 70's and early 80's including the Grand Prix at the Nitten Exhibition (totally major Japanese art organisation) in 1980.

After working in Chicago as a ceramics designer, he returned to Japan in 1963 where he became a freelance designer for companies in Nogoya.

As the Art Director for Kato Kogei Ceramics, a major supplier of fine ceramics to the international market, Fujimori oversaw the design and distribution of his signature line.

So there we have it. I'm keeping an eagle-eye cast over Ebay for these treats!!