Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fashion Week Party Times....in New Knitwear!!!

Its parties agogo this time of year, London Fashion Week!!! Hoorah. I've not been working with anyone this season, so took the opportunity to simply enjoy filling time off with shows and parties. Ah its a tough life no? haha. I wore this piece of knitwear from a mini collection I'm currently working on to Haute! vs Shabba Dabba Da! presents ADA ZANDITON Aftershow party. Great fun to wear, if a little warm for the occasion.....FYI check out Ada's collection "The Cryoflux". Couldn't find a link for the film of it so pop over to http://www.adazanditon.com/
Photograph by Mario Benedetti

Friday, 11 February 2011

Picture of the day

The kitten doesn't look too happy about it....

More Clothes Show Live....

More pictures from The Clothes Show Live. this time the "Horror" section. Eddie Scissorhands and gothic brides a-gogo!! Eeeeeek!
Slashed vest and trousers
Customised slashed lace bra-tops

Red visor face mask

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Circus Promo

Some time ago I wrote a post about the filming of a promo clip for the ever popular and fabulous London club night, Circus. Well here is the clip featuring some nutters dressed up in their finest garms, plus the creator of the night Jodie Harsh wearing a spikey silver shoulder piece made by yours truly!!

CIRCUS from Gabriel Gettman on Vimeo.

the whole bunch of fun was styled by Alexis "big balls" Knox and directed by Gabriel Gettman. Peachy no?

Clothes Show Live 2010!!!

So as promised in a previous post, here are some photos from Clothes Show Live held at Birmingham NEC last December. The event is a massive fashion and shopping bonanza lasting six days. There is a 40 minute catwalk show 7 times a day featuring themed fashions and super-duper dancers. This years theme for the spectaculur was "A Night At The Movies" with 8 sections and over 280 outfits! Blimey!!
I was asked to contribute pieces for the dancers in the "Horror" and "Sci-Fi" sections. No surprises there then!
All these following snaps are from the Sci-Fi part of the show.

Customised silver boots

Green visor/face mask

All silver helmets with visors and embroidered leg shields

Silver shoulder piece

Scary monsters and super creeps....