Sunday, 24 October 2010

More Circus promo film shots

A couple of months ago I had blogged about the short film for Circus, London glittiziest club. I more recently found these two more photographic treats! You can see my jazzy shoulder spikes Jodie is wearing clearer than before!! Mai-jarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Styled by Alexis Knox, obvs!
Photographs by Christopher James @WEKNOWWHATYOUDIDLASTNIGHT

Mother Russia launch party

Myself and Aiden Connor, Senior designe for Zaid Ghanem
Dj Munroe Bergdrof rockin Random Bangle for Ziad Ghanem
The ever fabulous Daniel Lismore!!!

The launch party for Ziad's 'Mother Russia' collection held at Shababaada club night at Avalon on Shoreditch High Street, Monday 20th September 2010 (my birthday! double hoorah!) during London Fashion Week.

Pictures by Style Scanner. For more go to

'Mother Russia' by Ziad Ghanem S/S 2011

'Mother Russia' by Ziad Ghanem from Ziad Ghanem on Vimeo.

Random Bangle accessories used in the African section. Amaze!

Director and Editor: Marnie Hollande

Choreographic Direction: TowlerJoyce @ Icon

Styling by Alexis Knox

Ziad Ghanem Spring/Summer 2011 again

Stills from the shoot for Ziad's collection! All my tribal accessories! As featured on!

Ziad Ghanem Spring/Summer 2011


Preppin for Ziad Ghanem's Spring/Summer 2011 film shoot

Photos by Kai Cem Narin