Thursday, 1 October 2009

Backstage pics!!!

A peep at pics of backstage from the show!!!

Ziad saying a quick prayer at the Maiden Britain pop up shrine to fashion!

Me in the Maiden Britain sweat shop attatching my fingers to a denim starburst.

Hand sewn head piece

Me and Ziad gettin the finishing right. No fall-outs yet.

Ever the perfectionists, Alexis and Ziad gettin it in the right place. Still no fall-outs.

Photographs by Paula Harrowing and Tolis Skoulariotis

Maiden Britain/Ziad Ghanem Spring/Summer 2010

Hey Hey Hey! Sooooooooooo the Maiden Britain/Ziad Ghanem Spring/Summer 2010 Show!!!!
as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week. This season we collaborated with British jeans brand Firetrap and welcomed the challenge of reinventing their denim into wondrous fashion creations!

After weeks of unpicking and bleaching mountains of jeans (my house smelt like a freshly cleaned sink for days after!) the gang rocked up to the Freemasons' Hall in London's Covent Garden on Monday 21st September, for the highly anticipated show!

There were so many highlights of the show and the day in general, I'm post other pics later on. Everybody really poured their love and creativity into their work and the backstage area managed to be thankfully drama free.

Entitled ‘The Immoralist’ the collection is inspired by the Andre Gide novel of the same name and takes in a myriad of references ranging from the American 1950's dream and Hollywood’s glamorous golden age to pop art and fast food chains, all whipped up with the vibrancy of London's edgy youth culture. A riot of colour, texture and form – shiny futuristic metallics are juxtaposed against 3-dimensional shapes and easy-to-wear fabrics to create pieces packed with individuality and character.
Rock-a-billy meets 80's references and styling (styling and creative direction by superstar Alexis Knox) completed what many peeps are calling Ziad's best show yet!!!

The fabulous Miss Viktoria Modesta closed the show with an intense performance of her song "Satellite". Fierce!!!