Monday, 29 June 2009

Sphinx loving

Like a babe on the arms of mama!!! Last Sunday I spent a magical day with my mates Emma and Hayley basically hanging around central London in the sun!!! The lions(or should that be sphinx?) share of the day was spent lounging in Hyde Park chilling to the distant sounds of a Bruce Springsteen gig, munching a slab of cake and having a major gossip-fest....a treat as i'm not usually one for just hanging out! Mind you I did take my knitting with me!!!!
As the sun turned to stars, we took the scenic route home, walking along the river back east taking in some historical hotspots along the way (love a bit of local history me!) I indulged my worship of all things mystical and old school Egyptian and stopped by to given one of the Sphinx at embankment some loving..its partner missed out due to a tramp passed out at its times!!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Random Bangle for Ziad Ghanem A/W 09

Hey hey hey! I've spent this morning working on accessories for Ziad Ghanem's s/s 10 collection. While the details of this are obviously top secret information!!! I wanted to put up the pictures from last season....
The collection was called "The Immigrant" Ziad Ghanem/Maiden Britain A/W 2009/10."I don't where I'm going. I'm not sure of where I've been. I know I must keep travelling till I find what feels like home".
We used alot of jersey tassels, something I use often in my work, and geometric shapes, cubes, pyramids and spheres for dramatic key chains, necklaces and earrings...Working on it was a wonderful experience and the show day itself, despite being a bit of a delirious blur after no sleep for 36 hours and waaaaaayyyyyy too much red bull, was wicked, the show was hot hot hot!!! These aren't all the treats available, I'll put more pics up in the future...or check out for more of the man's amazing work

by Random Bangle
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Previous Work

Ram Shergill
Art Direction and Styling and general all round fabulousness by Ziad Ghanem.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Here we are then!!!! My first blog!!!! Welcome to the world of Random Bangle! Random Bangle is all about Stitching, Cutting, Sticking, Making, Dying, Ripping, Stapling, Knotting, and Knitting. Making found objects into spanking new accessories and garments. Finding joy in junk and magic in the mundane and turning everyday wasted stuff into wicked stuff to be worn!!!