Thursday, 1 October 2009

Backstage pics!!!

A peep at pics of backstage from the show!!!

Ziad saying a quick prayer at the Maiden Britain pop up shrine to fashion!

Me in the Maiden Britain sweat shop attatching my fingers to a denim starburst.

Hand sewn head piece

Me and Ziad gettin the finishing right. No fall-outs yet.

Ever the perfectionists, Alexis and Ziad gettin it in the right place. Still no fall-outs.

Photographs by Paula Harrowing and Tolis Skoulariotis

Maiden Britain/Ziad Ghanem Spring/Summer 2010

Hey Hey Hey! Sooooooooooo the Maiden Britain/Ziad Ghanem Spring/Summer 2010 Show!!!!
as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week. This season we collaborated with British jeans brand Firetrap and welcomed the challenge of reinventing their denim into wondrous fashion creations!

After weeks of unpicking and bleaching mountains of jeans (my house smelt like a freshly cleaned sink for days after!) the gang rocked up to the Freemasons' Hall in London's Covent Garden on Monday 21st September, for the highly anticipated show!

There were so many highlights of the show and the day in general, I'm post other pics later on. Everybody really poured their love and creativity into their work and the backstage area managed to be thankfully drama free.

Entitled ‘The Immoralist’ the collection is inspired by the Andre Gide novel of the same name and takes in a myriad of references ranging from the American 1950's dream and Hollywood’s glamorous golden age to pop art and fast food chains, all whipped up with the vibrancy of London's edgy youth culture. A riot of colour, texture and form – shiny futuristic metallics are juxtaposed against 3-dimensional shapes and easy-to-wear fabrics to create pieces packed with individuality and character.
Rock-a-billy meets 80's references and styling (styling and creative direction by superstar Alexis Knox) completed what many peeps are calling Ziad's best show yet!!!

The fabulous Miss Viktoria Modesta closed the show with an intense performance of her song "Satellite". Fierce!!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Pull and Bear Opening

Me and Knox in photobooth funtimes!!!!!

Me and new pal, PR party girl Emily Tennant.

The lush invite.

As an early start to Fashion week party mayhem, on Wednesday 16th September I rocked down with my mate Hayley to the launch party for the opening of new Pull and Bear flagship UK store on Oxford Street. My old mate Alexis Knox had done the styling for the massive ad campign featuring Luke Worral and Josh Beech, the previous month so we were eager to see the results!!!

It was a night of two halves, kicking off at the store with mojotos galore, THE BEST selection of cheese canapes EVER and live music from British band Filthy Dukes (who were wicked!!), Spanish group Cristal Fighters, and talk-a-long DJ Man Like Me. We were also treated to an appearance from messy-haired pop tartlet, Pixie Lott, who's management insisted party-goers queuing to capture the moment in the free photobooth be cleared out early so the flavour of the month could have a shot. (bitter? moi? as if!!!!) oh well.... fun then continued, minus the cheese, at the Hidden after party at East End night club The Bath House, various dj's did they thing on the decks, can't remember any names though, as by that point I was too far gone on free cocktails....funtimes!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

AW 09 pics......!

Almost a month since my last post!!! Promise I've not been lazy just really busy! More picture coming soon....
Here's a hot picture from Notion most recent "Hipsters Handbook". The shoot was exclusively featuring up and coming London based designers, such as yours truly. I've continued using smashed up old records into this season for this shoulder piece and hood. Also included hand beaded triangle necklaces, knotted rope top and knitted hood.
Immaculate Styling by Alexis Knox
Photography by Mark Cant

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Eska Mtungwazi

Just taking a break from a Sunday afternoon filled with cut-out fabric triangles to read a new post and whip out some piccies of previous stuff I've worked on....

Last year I was privileged to meet Eska Mtungwazi through a friend of mine. A hugely talented singer looking out to make a new visual statement to accompany her most recent work with The Matthew Herbert Big Band. You know those moments in life where the stars seen to aline and everything falls into the right place? Well that's how it was meeting Eska. Right from the the word go I caught vibe of her project and she seemed interested in my work. Now this woman is not only an immensely talented soul singer but also one of the most genuine, warm people you could ever hope to meet. Its hard not to pick her enthusiasm or find joy in her infectious laugh!!! The current Matthew Herbert Big Band album deals with many political statements close to my own heart so the project just felt right.

I initially made a bracelet and necklace in metal from various found objects, old chains, buttons, safety pins, keychains, charms and beads. These pieces toured with the band around eastern Europe. Then as a bigger project specifically for the finally tour date in the UK, made a elaborate shoulder/neck piece from broken records and jersey strips (this piece is in the pics). This pieces was also used from the tour of Australia. I was so happy this this shoulder piece I've repeat the theme since.
The hoop skirt was made by Sabrina Samsoodin and the whole sha-bang was styled by the marvellous Rowdy Superstar!

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Look out for the Summer/Autumn issue of Booklet magazine cos there's a feature on me!!!! Six whole pages!!! Amazing! the biggest thank you and love stuffs to Ziad Ghanem and Ram Shergill for this!! There is also a wicked piece with Jodie Harsh and Bishi modelling the last collection I worked on for Ziad, "The Immigrant"


I'm very excited about this!!!! Random Bangle's first sale!!!! cheapo accessorio!!!! See you there on the 17th at the Pre Sale! xxx
DIGITARIA is proud to annouce the launch of their Summer Sale!- 18th to 30th July -
Up to 40% off
  • Digitaria (including A/W 08 & S/S 09)
  • Sartorium (Lee Benjamin's homo-hosiery label)
  • Euphemia by Millie Cockton
  • Random Bangle
  • Stone of Surrey
First time to go on sale ever, an exclusive sample sale of MAIDEN BRITAIN by Ziad Ghanem. (Up to 70% discount)
Presale - 17th July
Get your hands on the garments before anyone else, plus pick a percentage card from our lucky dip and get an extra discount on Digitaria stock.
Nibbles & tipples to get you in the mood! 6.30 - 9pm
Sale ends on 30th July at 7pm
Maiden Britain Sale - 17th, 18th, 19th July

60 Berwick Street

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Random Magazine

Heeeeeeeeey! If you're looking for a magazine to peruse this weekend whilst lying out in the sun, why not pick the latest issue of Random (no relation!!) Magazine. Amongst the numerous wicked fashion shoot stories you'll spot some of my bangles, literally random bangles! The shoot is by international styling wizard Kenny Ho with photography by Eddie Collins. The bold bright colours and other accessories used are totally my cup of tea! The pictures also include a tshirt and much sought after military jacket by my old mate Ziad Ghanem.

Enjoy the visual merriment along with a nice glass of dandelion and burdock this weekend!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Sphinx loving

Like a babe on the arms of mama!!! Last Sunday I spent a magical day with my mates Emma and Hayley basically hanging around central London in the sun!!! The lions(or should that be sphinx?) share of the day was spent lounging in Hyde Park chilling to the distant sounds of a Bruce Springsteen gig, munching a slab of cake and having a major gossip-fest....a treat as i'm not usually one for just hanging out! Mind you I did take my knitting with me!!!!
As the sun turned to stars, we took the scenic route home, walking along the river back east taking in some historical hotspots along the way (love a bit of local history me!) I indulged my worship of all things mystical and old school Egyptian and stopped by to given one of the Sphinx at embankment some loving..its partner missed out due to a tramp passed out at its times!!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Random Bangle for Ziad Ghanem A/W 09

Hey hey hey! I've spent this morning working on accessories for Ziad Ghanem's s/s 10 collection. While the details of this are obviously top secret information!!! I wanted to put up the pictures from last season....
The collection was called "The Immigrant" Ziad Ghanem/Maiden Britain A/W 2009/10."I don't where I'm going. I'm not sure of where I've been. I know I must keep travelling till I find what feels like home".
We used alot of jersey tassels, something I use often in my work, and geometric shapes, cubes, pyramids and spheres for dramatic key chains, necklaces and earrings...Working on it was a wonderful experience and the show day itself, despite being a bit of a delirious blur after no sleep for 36 hours and waaaaaayyyyyy too much red bull, was wicked, the show was hot hot hot!!! These aren't all the treats available, I'll put more pics up in the future...or check out for more of the man's amazing work

by Random Bangle
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Previous Work

Ram Shergill
Art Direction and Styling and general all round fabulousness by Ziad Ghanem.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Here we are then!!!! My first blog!!!! Welcome to the world of Random Bangle! Random Bangle is all about Stitching, Cutting, Sticking, Making, Dying, Ripping, Stapling, Knotting, and Knitting. Making found objects into spanking new accessories and garments. Finding joy in junk and magic in the mundane and turning everyday wasted stuff into wicked stuff to be worn!!!